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 **Main:**\\ **Main:**\\
-  * FordAModeling the Environment ​(2nd edition), Island ​Press, ​2010 +  * WAINWRIGHTJohn; MULLIGAN, MarkEnvironmental modelling: finding simplicity in complexity . Chichester, West Sussex, England: Hoboken, NJ: Wiley c2004. xxii, 408 p. ISBN 0471496189 ​(broch.)
- +  * MEADOWSDonella H; WRIGHT, Diana. Thinking in systems: a primer . White River Junction, Vt.: Chelsea Green Pub. c2008. xiii, 218 p. ISBN 9781603580557. 
-  * Meadows, D. Thinking in SystemsChelsea Publishing2008.+  * AXELROD, Robert M. The complexity of cooperation:​ agent-based models of competition and collaboration . Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University ​Press 1997. xiv232 p(Princeton studies in complexity). ISBN 9780691015675 (broch.) ​ 
 +  * FORD, Andrew. Modeling the environment:​ an introduction to system dynamics models of environmental systems . 2.ed. Washington, D.C.: Island Press c1999. xviii380 p. ISBN 1559636017 (broch.) 
 +  * ZEIGLERBernard P.; PRAEHOFER, Herbert; KIM, Tag Gon. Theory of modeling and simulation: integrating discrete event and continuous complex dynamic systems. 2nd ed. San Diego: Academic c2000. xxi, 510 p. ISBN 0127784551 (enc.).
 **Complementary:​**\\ **Complementary:​**\\
-  * WainwrightJ., Mulligan, M. (2004). Environmental ​ModellingFinding Simplicity in ComplexityJohn Wiley and Sons Ltd.+  * SMITHJo U.; SMITHPete. Introduction to environmental modelling. Oxford: Oxford University Press 2007. ix, 180 p. ISBN 9780199272068.  
 +  * GIMBLETT, H. Randy. Integrating geographic information systems and agent-based modeling techniques for simulating social and ecological processes. Oxford: New York: Oxford University Press 2002. xiv, 327 p. (Santa Fe Institute studies in the sciences of complexity). ISBN 019514337X. 
 +  * EPSTEINJoshua ​M. Generative social science: studies in agent-based computational modeling . Princeton, NJ: Oxford: Princeton University Press c2006. xx, 356 p. (Princeton studies in complexity). ISBN 9780691125473. 
 +  * BATTY, Michael. Cities and complexity: understanding cities with cellular automata, agent-based models, and fractals . Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press c2005. xxi, 565 p. ISBN 0262025833.  
 +  * GOODCHILD, Michael F; STEYAERT, Louis T; PARKS, Bradley O. GIS and environmental modeling: progress and research issues . Fort Collins: GIS World Books c1996. 486 p. ISBN 0470236779. 
 +  * SKIDMORE, Andrew. Environmental ​modelling with GIS and remote sensing. LondonTaylor & Francis 2002. 268 p. ISBN 0415241707 (broch.). 
 +  * LANTUEJOULChristian. Geostatistical simulation: models ​and algorithms. Berlin: Springer-Verlarg 2002. 256 p. ISBN 3540422021 (broch.). 
-  * Zeigler, B. P., T. G. Kim, et al. (2005). Theory of modeling and simulation. Orlando, FL, USA, Academic Press, Inc. 
 ====== Papers ====== ====== Papers ======